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[Album CD] A.O.G.F - We Have Returned [Print On Demand]

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A.O.G.F's "WE HAVE RETURNED" Kokane and Cold 187um is back with a new Funk / Soul / Hip hop band they’ve created; They call themselves “A.O.G.F” - which stands for the Architects Of GFunk. With their new G-Funk album "WE HAVE RETURNED"

Check out the new single: “The Boogie Man” now available on all digital platforms.

Product Details

This music album comes in jacket sleeve with front and back cover print, audio compact disk of 14 music tracks - with a total length of 57 minutes.

Track list:

  1. Mother Earth
  2. Sexy Momma
  3. Bucked Naked
  4. The Boogie Man
  5. Am I Dreamin
  6. She's Always Right
  7. G Funk Uncut
  8. I'm Just Saying
  9. Cold As Ice
  10. See You Again
  11. Club Karmasutra
  12. Step In My Lac
  13. Mohogany
  14. Love Ballad

[Architects of GFunk]

Gregory F Hutchison aka Cold 187um is a producer /MC, from one of the most prolific rap groups in the game; Above the law. His Uncle is the legendary Willie Hutch. So music is embedded in his DNA.

Who can forget - Uncle Sams Curse, Black mafia life, Livin Like a Hustler and etc., just as well as producing for Eazy E’s Ruthless Records & many other recording artists through out the year’s.

Cold 187um is responsible for creating the style of music called G-FUNK, which has been very influential on some of the biggest rap stars in the music industry, & is responsible for writing and producing 3 artist; Eazy E, NWA & 2 PAC, who is now inducted in the HALL OF FAME. He also discovered The Legendary Kokane; which happens to be his cousin.

It all started back in the 1989, when Cold 187um and Kokane, recorded a 3 song demo & solicited the tracks to Eazy E. Kokane then signed to Ruthless Records shortly after. In the early 90’s, Cold 187um would have Kokane guest appear on Above The Law’s album’s as a G-FUNK Crooner / Singer & MC. Cold 187um also produced Kokane’s Albums “Who Am I" and “Funk Upon A Ryhme”; for Ruthless Records. Kokane is now known for being the most featured collaborative recording artist in the world and is the son of Motown legend Jerry Buddy Long Sr.