Monkey Wanst Fonky - Maxi-Single [Collectors Edition]

Monkey Wanst Fonky - Maxi-Single [Collectors Edition]

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Kokane's "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" Maxi-Single [Collectors Edition]

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Written and performed by Jerry B Long Jr., Produced by Mofak, Mixed by JBL and Leviticus, Mastered by Rob T

12-inch black record Collectors Edition VINYL @ 45 rpm includes:

A SIDE [11.26]:

  1. Kokane "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" [Original]
  2. Kokane "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" [Radio]
  3. Kokane "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" [Acappella]
  4. Kokane "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" [Instrumental]

B SIDE [13.24]:

  1. Kokane "Don't Make Me $hit" [Original]
  2. Kokane "Don't Make Me $hit" [ Radio]
  3. Kokane "Don't Make Me $hit" [ Acappella]
  4. Kokane "Don't Make Me $hit" [ Instrumental]

This product comes in 12-inch jackets (with spine) with the Monkey Wasnt Fonky FRONT Cover and record credits on the BACK. Excellent quality lathe cut vinyl.

Release date will be announced in April 2021. If you would like to secure your copy of this collectors edition vinyl, pre-orders are available now!

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