Meet The Family

  • Alicia D. Long - Bud E Boy's Vice President

    Alicia Long

    Vice President | Owner

  • Anajee Long

    Co-Executive | Owner

  • Jerry B Long Jr.

    Founder | CEO | Owner

Music Artist

Vocalist, Writers, Producers

  • Aanisah Long

    Alternative, soul, hip hop singer born in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Alicia D. Long and music ICON "The Legendary Kokane" (who is the most featured recording artist). She is the first female artist on the the independent record label "Bud E Boy Recordz / Entertainment." As a striving philanthropist, Aanisah's remarkable voice led her to become involved with the "World Vision Clean Water Project"...

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  • Kokane

    Kokane is the son of Motown Legend Jerry B Long Sr.. Kokane first signed to Eazy E's Ruthless Records in 1989. Kokane has worked with Multi-Platinum and Gold music artist; such as, NWA, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Ice Cube and Above The Law, to name a few. Kokane has been lending his distinct sound to countless artist, fans and musicians around the world, expanding over a 30+ years musical journey. Kokane is the most featured collaborative recording artist in the world.

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  • Justin BlueMoon [Anointed Outsider]

    Justin BlueMoon born Justin Grant, is an Cleveland, Oh artist that can not be contained to one genre. Raised in the birthplace of funk, but ventured through Texas, Justin has had a variety of musical inspirations. Artist such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Sade, The Notorious B.I.G, OutKast, and many more. His aspiration for music came from none other than his uncle, The Legendary “Kokane”, most featured artist in the world.

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  • Babee Loc

    Ramone "BabeeLoc" Darwin, also known as the Pioneer of "West Coast Gangster Reggae" was born December 22, 1975 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Now residing in Oceanside, California, he is a true one-of-a-kind phenomenon to hit the music industry in a very long time. He started his career at a very young age and being raised in the streets of Southern California, Babeeloc has developed an entire new genre of music called “ West Coast Gangster Reggae”, and has created a lane of his own.

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  • Hectik

    Hectik is a Rap Artist of Mexican Descent residing out of Southern California in the city of Anaheim of Orange County. Hectiks Style consist of a lot of Old School West Coast Feel but has the ability to cross over to todays sound and do justice. Music has always been apart Hectiks life since his young teen days. Growing up artist like Above the Law, one of the original pioneers of “G Funk”, Kokane, 2Pac and Funk Artist like “The Barkays” Parliment and One Way were just some of the artist that molded Hectiks Style.

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Visual & Graphics

Art Production Team

  • Blac Vampyre

    Making art come to life with videography and illustration.

  • AFNF Visual

    Bringing you all the video and editing you need. Let’s make your lyrics become a visual