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Aanisah C. Long - is an alternative, soul, hip hop singer born in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Alicia D. Long and music ICON "The Legendary Kokane" (who is the most featured recording artist in the history of music). She is also the granddaughter of Jerry B. Long Sr. (one of the greatest writers / composers for Motown Records), who has worked with artist, such as; Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Frank Sinatra to name a few.

Coming from a strong musical background, Aanisah's passion for singing started at a very early age. Growing up, listening to singers such as; Sade, Mariah Carey, Ella Fritz Gerald, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse & Luther Vandross, Aanisah participated in school plays and talent shows, singing whenever there was or wasn't an audience.

In 2005, Aanisah went to her brother's high school talent show, where she performed an acapella of Mariah Carrie's song, "Circles". And even though she was not part of the event, the audience was so captivated and mesmerized by her voice, that they gave her standing ovation.. sending her down a path to embracing her musical talents. Through out the years, she started going to the studio with her father, spending countless hours recording and studying music. Some of her first recorded tracks are: "Family," "Fork in the Road," "Just Know," and "Cry Out". Whenever Aanisah wasn't singing.. she always stayed productive, and embraced her other gift for filming & directing; shooting and editing short movies and comedy skits with her brothers and sisters.

In 2009, Aanisah became the first female artist on the the independent record label "Bud E Boy Entertainment." As a striving philanthropist, Aanisah's remarkable voice led her to become involved with the "World Vision Clean Water Project" created by Leon Mclaughlin & Paula Boggs (former president of Starbucks Coffee). The project featured Artist from all across the globe, and it helped bring awareness of the famine plaguing 3rd world countries. Aanisah was one of the youngest spokesperson involved in the project. Her song “Cry Out” (track 9) is featured on World Vision's “Bringing Clean Water to the World” music compilation, which is available on Itunes. Cry Out also had made a tribute song for Japan's tsunami in 2011.

To sum up Aanisah in a nutshell, she has been blessed with an amazing voice & talent from “The Most High." Her soulful, sultry sound has been compared to great singers, such as; Mariah Carey, Sade, and Tony Braxton.. a perfect combination of voice styles which will mesmerize & soothe the heart, mind & soul. From art to technology, Aanisah continues to strive, elevate and educated herself. She studies hard because she knows with knowledge comes wisdom, and that nothing in life comes easy, and you have to work hard to succeed.


  • 2005- Wins school High School Talent Show
  • 2009- First female artist on Bud E Boy
  • 2011- Crying Out Tack #9 on World Vision “Bringing Clean Water Project”
  • 2014- Two of Us makes it on Kokane's "STFU & Cut Da Checc" album
  • 2016- Lah Lah makes it on Kokanes “King of Gfunk” album
  • 2016- “Old School Night at The Dome” concert December 16, 2016
  • 2017- #1 Single "Strobe Lights"

Music by Aanisah Long

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