Hectik is a Rap Artist of Mexican Descent residing out of Southern California in the city of Anaheim of Orange County. Hectiks Style consist of a lot of Old School West Coast Feel but has the ability to cross over to todays sound and do justice.Music has always been apart Hectiks life since his young teen days. Growing up artist like Above the Law, one of the original pioneers of “G Funk”, Kokane, 2Pac and Funk Artist like “The Barkays” Parliment and One Way were just some of the artist that molded Hectiks Style. Hectik grew up the third youngest of 4 brothers growing up in a single mother house hold with no father figure which led him to look up to his older brothers who were invloved in gangs and little by little got more involved as he got older.After getting caught up and being incarcerated in Juvenile Hall and The California Youth Authority. Hectik spent many of his young teenage years behind bars. When Hectik was released he saw life from a different view and Got a Job and started working in construction for the union and started a family. Even though life started to take its course music was always there and the passion for music never left.Hectik began to pursue music on his off time of work and started collaborating with local Artist from his area and started to make a name for him self. After few years of releasing music and making music videos Hectik was starting to get heard and was building an audience on his Instagram account with Freestyles over random beats. Free styling is one of Hectiks strongest suites and most the time leaves people in awe cause of his ability to just keep going and not mess up and Rap about his surroundings. After going over music with a fellow artist one night, Hectik recorded a Freestyle over “Y’all gone miss me” By Snoop Dogg Ft Kokane. after the video was posted on Instagram someone tagged Kokane and Kokane responded with his blessing and a like and follow and share on his IG account.Hectik started to build a bridge with Kokane and eventually got a feature from him that did pretty good in streams with very little promotion that’s on all major platforms! The Song was titled “For Da OGs” ft Kokane. Hectik went on to create music and dropped another track with Kokane titled “No Shit”. With two bangers in his bag featuring with one of the biggest influences in his life Hectik felt like he made it, but it was only the beginning.After recording another freestyle video at the same place he did the first video but in Spanish this time, Kokane got at Hectik and to make a long story short Kokane made him part of Bud E Boy Ent. Hectik plans to go full force with music and create the best music yet. With God First and Consistency there’s only one way and that’s up.“You know what it is, Hectik up in this!” - Hectik.