Vocalist / Songwriter


Justin BlueMoon born Justin Grant, is an Cleveland, Oh artist that can not be contained to one genre. Raised in the birthplace of funk, but ventured through Texas, Justin has had a variety of musical inspirations. Artist such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Sade, The Notorious B.I.G, OutKast, and many more. His aspiration for music came from none other than his uncle, The Legendary “Kokane”, most featured artist in the world. With the family already in support of Kokane and his success with the industry, they did the same for Justin when he showed the talent of entertaining at age 10. Known for his optimistic charisma, Justin was performing, recording, and writing his own music at 14 years old. At 30, he has perfected a melodic sound blended with a raspy tone that gives his music that heartfelt vibe. His stories of love, money, and life tribulations will captivate the ear of any listener and have them fiend for more.