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Jerry B Long Jr. aka Kokane was born in Bronx, New York. When he was still a baby, him and his family moved to California, where he was raised in the city of Pomona. Kokane's life has always included music. His musical genius stems from the lineage of his father, Jerry B. Long Sr. which of whom is one of the greatest "Motown Records" writer & composer of all time. Some of Kokane’s father's works, includes "Just My Imagination" sung by the "Temptations", "Still Waters Run Deep", "Smiling Faces", "Papa was a Rolling Stone" & many more.

As a child, Jerry Jr. aka Kokane, spent countless hours with his father in the studio. At an early age, he was engaged in the art of sound, which nourished his natural talents for music. He began to build his craft & style, listening to the old-school funk of the 70's. During his school years, he won numerous talent shows & was a top student in drama club. Acting in many plays, this is where Jerry Jr. found a comfort zone in stage performance. Growing up, life wasn't always easy. He dealt with the hardships and social ills of poverty, drugs, and violence due to the environment. Through the struggles, he continued to stay focused and away from trouble as much as possible. Kokane quickly realized that his talent & heart lye in music, which led to his involvement with the West Coast rap scene at the dawn of Gangsta rap.


He began his career as a vocalist in the mid-1980's, as rap was first appearing in his native Los Angeles, before eventually signing to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records label at the end of 1989. He adopted his stage name "Kokane" which was given to him by his cousin (Hutch aka Cold 187um of the legendary rap group "Above the Law"). The name "Kokane" is a representation of how dope & addictive his sound is to the ear. Kokane's Music Career had launched at Eazy-E's Ruthless
Records, with him co-writing for N.W.A.'s "Appetite for Destruction" and guest appearing on the intro of the album “Niggaz4Life“(efil4zaggiN), where he first introduced one of his character's "Sweet Talk".

Kokane's first album release, "Addictive Hip Hop Muzick”, in 1991', was credited as "Who am I" featuring the song “Nickel Slick Nigga", (first solo single) that had appeared on the Deep Cover movie soundtrack. In addition, Kokane guest-appeared & co-wrote for Eazy E's "It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa" and contributed to other West Coast gangsta rap albums, such as Above the Law's "Black Mafia Life" and "Uncle Sam's curse".

In 1994, Kokane had released his second album, "Funk upon a Rhyme" where he completely revolutionized his style, incorporating a great deal of singing, rapping and packing' it with a sound that would impact cultures; known as, G-Funk (A style of music which was originated by Kokane and Above the Law). His eccentric vocal approach is half fluid rapping and half weird P-funk-influenced singing. Kokane is also known for his soulful singing and R&B tracks as well. Funk upon a Rhyme had hit Billboard Charts and sold globally. The album is now a collector's, selling for more than $100 or more on eBay, Amazon & other online stores. Kokane has released 20 solo albums. Kokane left Ruthless right after the passing of Eazy E (RIP). Two years later, Kokane was a free agent. He reappeared in the rap scene in the late 1999 with a solo album on Eureka Records, "They Call Me Mr. Kane". Shortly after, he was a collaborator on Dr. Dre's album 2001 and did heavy collaboration with Snoop Dogg's, "The Last Meal" along with Tha Eastsidaz albums, playing a major role in the success of the albums. Kokane's sound was so "In-Demand,” that by this time, music artist from all over the world had to get a feature from the Legendary Kokane.


Throughout the years, he has worked with and graced many artists his amazing vocal and musical talents. Kokane has worked with such as: George Clinton, Bootsy Collins (Parliment), George Duke & Stanley Clark (The Great Jazz Legends), Snoop Dogg, Too Short, E40, Tha Dogg Pound, Above Tha Law, Kool Rock Ski (The Fat Boys), Larry Blackmon (Cameo), Above the Law, N.W.A., Eazy E, Ice Cube, Tha Eastsidaz, Cypress Hill, P Diddy, Xzibit, Busta Rhymes, Mac Dre, Jenni Rivera, Tupac & many more.

FILMOGRAPY• "Old School" movie with Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn & LukeWilson, to name a fewhttps://youtu.be/XL6d7zUJWdI?feature=shared• Clay Kids animationhttps://youtu.be/duey2IG7SUs?feature=sharedMOVIE SOUNDTRACKS• “Training Day” with Denzel Washingtonhttps://youtu.be/KfijtyQiTGU?feature=shared• Menace ll Society https://youtu.be/enR8RdJ-MzU?feature=shared• Malibu's Most Wantedhttps://youtu.be/th_6_3rxjqw?feature=shared• Deep Cover: https://youtu.be/ktn1msPFxjI?feature=shared• Love and a Bullet• Undercover Brother:https://youtu.be/fmzokFBxpeE?feature=shared• Bones: https://youtu.be/d6f9bNu0Lu4?feature=shared• Shaft: https://youtu.be/8DsoSjJ_Crc?feature=shared• Snoop Dogg, Kokane & Bootsy Collins “Undercover Brother”Espy Awards performance:https://youtu.be/r9164rng3S4?feature=sharedVIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACK• True Crimes: https://youtu.be/7RvRFdKLUyM?feature=shared• Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto):https://youtu.be/rzjGzIZ8vKk?feature=shared• Performed at VGX AWARDS “LOS SANTOS” track (Grand TheftAuto): https://youtu.be/YIJQrwqlDZE?feature=sharedKokane Biography Video Links• Kokane Presents – The 90’s Preview – Episode 1:https://youtu.be/HdJeoB6Q75c?feature=shared• Kokane Presents – The 2k’s Preview – Episode 2:https://youtu.be/qPSFyqscGsg?feature=shared

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