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Monkey Wasn't Fonky - Maxi-Single [Collectors Edition]

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Monkey Wasn't Fonky - Maxi-Single [Collectors Edition]

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Kokane's "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" Maxi-Single [Collectors Edition]

Written and performed by Jerry B Long Jr., Produced by Mofak, Mixed by JBL and Leviticus, Mastered by Rob T

12-inch black record Collectors Edition VINYL @ 45 rpm includes:

A SIDE [11.26]:

  1. Kokane "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" [Original]
  2. Kokane "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" [Radio]
  3. Kokane "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" [Acappella]
  4. Kokane "Monkey Wasn't Fonky" [Instrumental]

B SIDE [13.24]:

  1. Kokane "Don't Make Me $hit" [Original]
  2. Kokane "Don't Make Me $hit" [ Radio]
  3. Kokane "Don't Make Me $hit" [ Acappella]
  4. Kokane "Don't Make Me $hit" [ Instrumental]

This product comes in 12-inch jackets (with spine) with the Monkey Wasnt Fonky FRONT Cover and record credits on the BACK. Excellent quality lathe cut vinyl

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