[PRE-ORDER] Da Funkin Adventures of Dr. Kokanstine [ALBUM CD]

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The King of Features is back! With his latest 3-album trilogy, "Da Funkin Adventures of Dr. Kokanstine”

  • Artist: The Legendary Kokane
  • Genre: Neo-soul, Funk, Indie, R&B, G-Funk & Hip Hop
  • Content Type: Music
  • Language: English
  • Year: 2024

Album features contribution from; Ice Cube, Kurupt, Aanisah Long (Kokane's daughter), Cold 187um (Above the Law), Kool Rock Ski (Fatboys), Weazel Loc, Babee Loc, C-Bo, Steve (Troop), Anthony Danza, and more. Music producers: Cutty Dre, Cold 187um, Tha Chill, Rhythm D, Mofak, Rob T, Chronologic, MD Soul & more.

Embark on an incredible journey as this 3-album trilogy takes fans & music listeners through the multifaceted world of Kokane's artistry; with thought provoking lyrics, social conscious messages, soulful singing, hip-hop, G Funk and down-right funky music, effortlessly blending Kokane's signature sound with an innovative twist in this musical masterpiece!

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Album drops early 2024.

Kokane's enduring career and artistic contributions has solidified his status as a musical legend. His discography includes numerous albums, guest appearances, mixtapes & movie soundtracks, with each showcasing his evolution as an artist. Beyond his musical prowess, Kokane's impact on the culture continues to resonate, making him a respected and beloved figure among fans and peers alike. As he celebrates his long and successful career, Kokane remains a beacon of creativity, innovation, and authenticity in the world of music.

Come along with Dr. Kokanstine on this funky adventure!


  1. Gz Like Dz [Ft. C-BO & Babee Loc, Prod. by Rob T]
  2. All My Life [Ft. Weazel Loc, Prod. by Rhythm D]
  3. Don’t Make Me Shit [Prod. by Tha Chill]
  4. Come Up Like Me [Ft. Ice Cube, Prod. by Levitcus Black]
  5. Bounce With Me [Ft. Anthony Danza, Prod. by Fat Rat]
  6. Attack You With This Game [Ft. Kurupt, Prod. by Fat Rat / Blozart]
  7. I Begg Your Pardon [Prod. by Cutty Dre (Interpolation)]
  8. Fuq What You Goin Thru [Ft. Aanisah Long, Prod. by Rob T]
  9. Bitch Get A Life [Ft. Jay Worthy, Prod. by Cutty Dre]
  10. In Dem Jeans [Prod. by Fat Rat]
  11. Way We Funk [Prod. by Cold 187um]


  1. Rabbit Hole [Ft. Aanisah Long, Prod. by JBL]
  2. Monkey Wasn’t Fonky [Prod. by Mofak]
  3. Hey You [Prod. by Cutty Dre]
  4. Boss Plays [Prod. by T-bone & Lo & JBL]
  5. Fly Swatter [Prod. by Cutty Dre]
  6. Smoke Break Sicc James (Commercial)
  7. Hey Love [Prod. by B Ready]
  8. Paint Where It Aint [Prod. by Cold 187um]
  9. Windows Of My Mind [Prod. by Mike Ferelli]
  10. Lets Ride Out [Ft. Aanisah Long, Steve (Troop), Big 2 Da Boy, Prod. by Ant Banks, Big Zeke]
  11. Wasn’t Down For Me [Prod. by B Ready]
  12. Fantasy Island [Prod. by Westcoast Stone]


  1. Free Your Mind [Prod. by Chronologic]
  2. I Aint Trippin [Prod. by Theory Hazit]
  3. Hush [ft. Kool Rock Ski, Prod. by Tha Chill & Rob T]
  4. Above Water [Prod. by Rob T]
  5. Dazed & Confused [Prod. by Rob T]
  6. Soundtrack To My Life [Prod. by JBL]
  7. Threw The Dope On Me [Prod. by Theory Hazit]
  8. Own Worst Enemy [Prod. by B Ready]
  9. Gospel of Kokane [Prod. by Go Mack]
  10. Hurry Up Kick In [ft. Suga Free, Prod. by JBL (Interpolation)]
  11. Home Cook Meal [Prod. by Theory Hazit]
  12. In The Mood [Prod. by JBL]
Shoutout to all the fans that have been rockin' with Kokane all of these years. This special album is dedicated to you & music listeners across the world that appreciate Kokane's music and art. We promise to make you BOUNCE!